What is gel dip powder? Is it popular?

Gel dip powder, which is the most popular manicure way at the moment, belongs to the acrylic series. This is a trendy nail powder that is already selling well in the market. If you are struggling with how to choose suitable gel dip powder, this article will solve your doubts.


What is gel dip powder?

Gel dip powder combines the advantages of dip powder nail technology and gel nail technology, and integrates them. The beauty of gel manicures is that they are very easy to use. Gel nail powder contains photoinitiating polymers that activate when exposed to light, which allows the gel to cure, allowing the powder to adhere to the nail. Usually done within 45 seconds using a UV light. The effect can last about two to three weeks. For greasy or breakable nails, the duration may be shorter. However, it is relatively easy to remove by soaking in acetone solution for a few minutes.

The dipping powder nail technique uses colored powder acrylic mixed with a gel resin that cures in the air. After the nails are primed, poke a small amount of dip powder on the sponge brush and then need to apply a topcoat to cure. The technical advantage of dipping powder nails is that they are very long-lasting, with proper maintenance, dipping powder nails can last up to five weeks.

Gel dip powder combines the best of both worlds, duration like dip powder and easy attachment and removal properties like gel. While easy to color, it also provides a longer lasting display, allowing your nails to stay beautiful for a long time.

Benefits of gel dip powder

Gel dip powder is the best of both worlds – it will last as long as acrylic, but remove as easily as gel and won’t weaken your nails when you put it on. Many women get 3, 4 or even 5 weeks of manicure lasting from gel dip powder, mostly due to nail growth. With the craze for gel dip powder nails, most dip powder companies are scrambling to offer a variety of color options, just like with traditional nail powder. You can easily find a powder shade to replace your favorite paint. And incredibly, it has almost no odor, no toxic odors or horrible chemical odors in the air. According to the survey, in europe, the proportion of using gel dip powder is gradually increasing, and by 2025, it may be equal to the number of people using traditional dip powder. 


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Why you should choose DDU’s gel dip powder

DDU’s products have been sold to more than 20 countries around the world, including France, Germany, Australia, South Korea and other countries, and it has also become the exclusive supplier of some local nail salons. I have listed the following points to illustrate why DDU’s products are worth choosing.

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Strong durability. Acid and solvent resistant.

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Various shapes and sizes are available, we can customize the glitter according to your needs.


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Accept all products and packaging OEM, ODM.

Tips: How to use gel dip powder? 

1. Start by cleaning and filing your nails, making sure to completely remove any excess oil and/or polish.

2. Second, sanding and applying a base coat. After that, apply the white gel twice. Then, put the nail under the UV LED Lamp for 60s.

3. Apply the top coat, then cure under UV LED Lamp for 20s.

4. A vital step, using a sponge brush dipped in a small amount of glitter acrylic powder, up and down friction can wipe out a shinning effect.

5. Use a mushroom brush to clean the excess powder on the nail surface. 

6. Finally, apply the top coat, then cure under the UV LED Lamp for 60s. Now, you’ve got eye-catching nails.


If you haven’t tried gel dip powder, you can contact DDU for a sample. If you want to know the product information and usage of gel dip powder or other types of dip powder, feel free to contact the staff of DDU at any time. The staff at DDU are also using these products and they have plenty of tips and tricks to share and answer any questions you may have.


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