Ice through feeling nail art style recommendation:

Ice through feeling nail art style recommendation: delicate and bright, fairy don’t miss!

Iced nail art. Iced nail art will be fresher, the translucent texture is more pleasing, and it looks delicate and excellent. It is a manicure style that many fairies like in summer. Today, Feifei Meiye Education Xiaobian will share with you some convenient ice-penetrating nail art styles. Remember to praise the collection!

1, gentle sweetheart clear ice peach color manicure

Nail powder design01
Nail powder design01

Who can refuse such a watery manicure!
The crystal clear color is simply a human peach!!
With lovely white flowers, you are the brightest fairy in spring.

2, ink is ice through nail art style

Nail powder design02
Nail powder design02

The faint clouds are like endless soft cotton on the horizon.
With silver flashing powder
Create a Milky Way Sense of Stars

3, ice through bean paste + yellow nail art

Nail powder design03
Nail powder design03

Easy control of spring and summer color matching
The ice-penetrating texture is whiter.
Simple solid colors with small flowers
Fresh and fashionable, be a carefree fairy.

4, gentle milk tea ice muscle color clear cat’s eye dizzy nude manicure

Nail powder design04
Nail powder design04

Easy control of spring, summer, autumn, and winter
All the year-round are fairies on earth.
Silver flash, temperament buff blessing
This is the nail art you should have when the fairy spirit is fluttering ~

5, ice through rose-purple, white manicure

Nail powder design05
Nail powder design05

Give everyone a good-looking manicure of fried chicken in Amway
The effect of applying one layer is a bit of ice and jelly. If you use two layers, the color is full and very friendly.
The transparent rose purple is elegant and white.
A style completed in more than ten minutes.
Each manicure has a unique charm.
Ice through texture is suitable for many fairies who like small fresh styles.
Which one is right for your aesthetic?

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