How to stick Glitter powder on eyeshadow looks good

How to stick Glitter Powder on eyeshadow looks good.

Many of our sisters like to use Glitter Powder when painting eyeshadow so that the whole makeup looks more delicate and the whole person is full of fairy. But eyeshadow Glitter Powder you really paste the right, Glitter Powder paste in what position to look best. 

How to stick Glitter Powder on the eyeshadow 

Generally, Glitter Powder can be glued on top of the eyelid with the glue of false eyelashes or with toner on top.

After we have painted our eyes with earth tone eyeshadow, choose your favourite Glitter Powder and use the glue to stick false eyelashes; stick the Glitter Powder under the eyes. If it is a large Glitter Powder, it is recommended to stick it sparsely. If it is a smaller Glitter Powder, it can be mixed with the larger Glitter. If it’s a smaller Glitter Powder, you can mix it with the larger Glitter Powder and stick it together, it’s also very cute, and if you put some blush on it, it will be a great addition.

Before using glue to stick Glitter Powder to false eyelashes, be sure to do an allergy test. Sensitive skin girls may be allergic to glue for sticking false eyelashes, as the degree of allergy varies in each part of the body, so we first use a little glue directly on top of the eyelid, wait for an hour to see if the eyelid will appear red and swollen if so, do not use it.

We can also use toner to paste Glitter Powder; toner comes with stickiness and also, and no allergy will occur. Gently take a little bit on your eyelid or under your eye with your fingertips, and then put Glitter Powder on top.

How to apply eye shadow Glitter Powder looks good.
When using Glitter Powder on your eye makeup, draw your eye line and eye shadow first, then use the glue for applying fake eyelashes to put Glitter Powder on the position you want to stick, then dip a brush into the most delicate small Glitter Powder powder and tap it on your face to create a Glitter Powder makeup.

This kind of makeup uses Glitter Powder to decorate the face is bright and shiny on the face and is a makeup that many people like.

It is a good idea to have a lighter base makeup to emphasize the transparency of the skin so that the Glitter Powder glitter effect is in harmony with a clear makeup when it is glued on.

After the entire makeup is completed, use the usual glue for applying false eyelashes, stick Glitter Powder on the position you want to stick, and finally dip a brush into the delicate Glitter Powder powder and brush it on your face to enhance the Glitter of Glitter Powder.

Eye makeup Glitter Powder, if you choose more rhinestones, with a cat eye makeup and long eyebrows, will look very seductive, but also very expensive, so that the whole person looks full of femininity.

If the posted eye makeup Glitter Powder is brighter, the colour is jumpier. With orange-red eye makeup, it will look more playful, energetic, and brighter eyes.

This kind of makeup that highlights the eyes is best paired with long eyelashes, and people with shorter eyelashes can use false eyelashes for better results.

What to pay attention to with eye makeup
1. Don’t share your eye makeup with others. This is to avoid causing indirect infection, just like your own eye drops do not give others to use a reason.

2, the eyes are a very sensitive part of the body. Although our eyeballs can automatically eliminate some dirt, we do not get cosmetics on our eyeballs when makeup. Remember to avoid this situation.

3. Sometimes, in order to hurry up and be afraid of being late for work, you may choose to put on makeup while riding in the car. But remember not to put on eye makeup when riding in the car because when riding in the car, there will be bumps, and it is easy to poke their eyes.

4, no matter how tired you are when you come back every day, remember to remove your eye makeup. Don’t let makeup stay on your face overnight, and your skin quality will degrade quickly in the long run.

Glitter Powder makeup how to draw a good look
Step1: As with all makeup, the first step is to give the face a regular base. The base makeup is a relatively light kind, and it is best to reflect the transparency of the skin so as to harmonize with the Glitter Powder glitter.

Step2: Next, we use the season’s more popular brown eyeshadow; warm shades are more suitable for Asian girls’ fair skin tone so that the whole Glitter Powder makeup looks more grounded and will not have an exaggerated sense.

Step3: In order to create a lovely feeling of makeup, slightly aggravate the blush under the eyes!

Step4: Then choose your favourite Glitter Powder, use the glue of the false eyelashes and stick the Glitter Powder under the eyes; it is recommended to stick a little sparse.

Step5: Brush on your eyelashes after applying

Step6: Finally, apply pink lip makeup, and you can go out beautifully!

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